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Better Late Than Never? Where did the time go?

Geesh, I knew it was a while since my last post but wow, two months?

I lay awake at night lining up ideas and photos for this blog, vowing to get in this trend with both feet, or hands, and stick to it. Honestly.

However, about the time I lined all this up, my partner and I did something crazy, throwing all sense to the wind.

We put our house up for sale AFTER we found my or our, I’d like to think, dream house. Please don’t try this at home, trust me it should only be done by professionals!

To be fair we live in a neighborhood that sees homes sell in two or three weeks….until of course we put ours on the market.

Neither of us are gamblers, play the stock market or even buy lottery tickets….all of which I now think would be less stressful than selling a house. We are both in our late 40s-very early 50s and have had to start our lives over about 15 years ago, blending our families 10 years ago.

We aren’t looking to buy bigger, more elaborate or fancier digs, just a house we don’t have to rebuild, rezone or finish off. Been there and done that!

In fact, our home was not in the greatest state when we decided to move…we knew it and thought it would sell, after all we had all the stuff ready to put down or up so surely someone could appreciate all the effort in gathering the supplies….:)

Let’s just say that the day after we put an offer on the house we fell in love with was the day we learned just what we had in us, and how hard we can work when that carrot is dangled close enough. Both of us have health issues that sometimes seem to dominate our world, whether true or perceived, so things are put off, dreams are downplayed….we get lazy.

Bringing the living room into the 21st century with new laminate flooring.

But in less than six weeks we have transformed this house into what it should have been two years ago….it’s just what we always thought it could be. In fact, I will even let people inside past the front door now.

So why move?

Larger property, lower taxes, better layout and hey, this dream house has a porch/veranda, something I’ve always wanted in a house. I grew up in Toronto in my grandparent’s house that had one and I loved it. I’m a front yard person, perhaps a little nosey but I prefer to call it very social, and I love people watching.

But it all may end up being a stressful, somewhat costly, dry run. Our house is still for sale, price reduced and it’s been about two months that it’s been officially for sale. Our offer on the dream home ends this month.

At this point we play back and forth on whether to try and renegotiate, or to leave the dream go and look for a new one while keeping the rather large, white, for sale sign on our lawn for all to see that yes, we’ve still not sold our home.

Or do we relish in the fact that the home is just beautiful, provides us shelter and a space of our own that two many don’t enjoy, as well as memories, good or bad.

For some reason the impending deadline is becoming a welcoming idea….it might be that unbiased opinion we need.