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Let’s Try This Again….

This isn’t my first foray into the blogging world, but hopefully it will be the effort that pleases me the most.

You see I started a blog a year ago, admiring all the fabulous DIY, craft, family life based blogs, and other themed insights but being a person with a serious eclectic style,  I just couldn’t limit my blogs, stories or retellings to just one category….

I love photography, I love my kids (not in that order, seriously) and as a new empty nester and a  stay at home mom for just 10 years, I’m still sorting things out….mainly what my new role will be now. So how do you decide to limit yourself to simply writing about what your magic crochet hook makes each week….I can’t.

So this blog will not be a “look what I made”, or “did you know that this will help get rid of those pesky ants”, or a lament of my health issues and all the things I can no longer do (bet you are thanking me for that.)

This blog will be a place for me to show off my favorite photos, with a bit of insight into the frame and why I shared it on that day…..then again it could be something else….. I am the poster Mom for eclectic behaviour!

Oh, and I will try not to sell you anything….as you can see I have an Etsy shop, but I create and write because it calms the voices and because I somehow have to justify the umpteen Rubbermaid containers I have of yarn and craft supplies. Of course, if you are interested, the link will be there for your clicking!

So here we go…..