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Painted Pebbles

I’m up to my elbows in paint again…..we are still trying to sell our house….and find a place to put the craft supplies I stuffed into our travel trailer.

You see, in two and a half weeks we start holidays…..yup, house up for sale, , camping holidays and the need for immediate storage decisions… is a never ending adventure around here!

So while I’m waiting for the paint on the kitchen cupboard doors to dry….i decided to paint them last night for the open house Saturday morning ????????, I treated myself to a little Pinterest.

And this is what caught my eye….for two reasons really.

A few years ago we were camping in said trailer and I had brought out some paints to paint some summer hats. I also grabbed some rocks at some point and fooled around painting them, including a few ladybugs on the flat, round ones..

At the time there were three little kids camped next to us with their mom, in a rickety tent trailer….so I tucked some of the stones under their permit post….I think I heard the commotion when they found them…who knew….

Then two years ago, after my open heart surgery, I was in line at the post office, feeling pretty crummy and the clerk asked me how I was doing. At that point she knew me from my regular Etsy shipments. As I was standing in line waiting for my turn, the woman behind me introduced herself and put something in my hand.

It was a gorgeously painted rock, well between a rock and a pebble by my understanding, painted in my favorite color, red, as well as some intricate design.

She told me she painted little things and carried them with her and when she met someone who needed a boost or some hope she shared them.

Yes, for a split second I thought she was a bit short of a loaf, but I know how passionate I am about my craft and when one finds a new home I only hope it brings the same satisfaction, joy, pleasure…whatever you call it…to the new owner.

Of course you can bet my ladybugs were pretty primitive, hopefully easily distinguishable, and maybe even easily reproduced by those children….but this amazing pin on my fave bulletin board is so much more inspiring and, well, amazing!

Have a peak here….

Bet you will soon find yourself looking for that perfect stone the next time you are out for a walk….:)